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Alexander Giannascoli (born 1993), better known by his stage name Alex G or (Sandy) Alex G, is a multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia who started his career as a bedroom singer/songwriter, building up an audience through a series of DIY releases on Bandcamp. Following the critical acclaim of Giannascoli’s sixth album DSU—featured as a Best Album of 2014 by Noisey, Consequence of Sound, The Washington Post, Vogue, CMJ, and Time Out—UK label Lucky Number Music stepped in to physically re-issue Alex’s earlier releases Trick and Rules. Previously only available via Bandcamp, the albums were professionally mastered and made commercially available for the very first time.

In 2015, Giannascoli signed with Domino Recording Company, performing as part of the label’s roster at their South by Southwest showcase that year. In August 2015, Giannascoli announced his first album with the label, Beach Music, released on October 9, 2015. On May 19, 2017, Alex G dropped his second album with Domino, entitled Rocket.

Giannascoli’s music is generally categorized in the indie rock/lo-fi genre, with atmospheric white noise and some guitar solos. He is frequently compared to singer-songwriter Elliott Smith, who is an influence of his. Other comparisons include Built to Spill and The Martinis. The Philadelphia Inquirer praised him as “a particularly gifted melody writer” whose “fuzzy, sometimes distorted songs, which hark back to slightly askew 1990s bands such as Pavement, can’t hide his skill as a pop craftsman and a constructor of elliptical narratives that call for repeated listening.” He dislikes playing cover songs, calling it “work” compared to the creative outlet of songwriting.

His creative process consists of him working alone in his room with his guitar and adding other instruments later. When asked about working in a modern recording studio, he replied, “I feel like I’m eventually going to have to do that, but I just don’t want to. Because I don’t know how to work all that stuff, and I don’t want anyone else to have control. I just want to follow my own ideas, and I’m uncomfortable doing it any other way.”

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