Amy Diamond
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Amy Diamond is a Swedish pop singer, actress and TV host. She is also a trained hairdresser.

She was born as Amy Deasismont in Norrköping, Sweden. Her father Lee is British and her mother Crisbeth is Swedish.
The family moved to England shortly after Amy was born. When Amy was 4 they moved back to Sweden but this time to Jönköping, where they have lived ever since.

Amy has five siblings; Danielle, Lisa, Holly, Charlie and Lily.

Amy has been singing her whole life and began competing in local talent shows very early. At the age of 12, she got her big break when the price in one of the many talent shows she won was to record a song for fun in a real
recording studio. The song wasn’t supposed to be published, but one of the judges in the talent show, who was also one of the heads of the recording studio asked if Amy would like to record a song for real and have it published.

Of course Amy accepted and thus her first big hit “What’s In It For Me” was made in 2005. And the other song she recorded, called “Shooting Star” was also included on her platinum selling debut Album “This Is Me Now”.

In the next 5 years she followed up the success with 4 more albums (including a christmas album in Swedish) and 18 singles (some with very limited release), as well as a greatest hits album in 2010.

After this, there was a pause in Amy’s music making and instead she focused on starting an acting career. She starred in a show based on “Alice in Wonderland”, recorded the swedish voice for the leading roles in several movies, most notably as Merida in “Brave”.

In 2013 she made a brief return to the music industry with the first song she wrote herself: “Your Love”. Amy also released it from her own company, DMD Music AB.

In 2015, she made her debut in a live action feature film when she portrayed the anorexic Katja in the critically acclaimed movie “Min Lilla Syster” (english title: My Skinny Sister).

In 2016, she is back with two new singles (One and Forgive), for the first time released under her real name, Amy Deasismont.

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