Jack Antonoff and Lucy Dacus pledge proceeds from Texas shows to abortion charities
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Their pledges come following the introduction of the state’s new draconian anti-abortion bill

Jack Antonoff and Lucy Dacus
Jack Antonoff and Lucy Dacus. CREDIT: Getty Images

Jack Antonoff and Lucy Dacus have announced that proceeds from their upcoming Texas shows will be donated to abortion charities following the introduction of the state’s new anti-abortion bill.

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The new legislation, Senate Bill 8, bans most abortions in Texas and makes the state the most restrictive in the US in terms of access to abortion services, according to the New York Times.

It prohibits aborting a foetus once cardiac activity can be detected, which is generally around six weeks – a very early point in a pregnancy, when women may not even know they are pregnant.


The bill makes no exceptions for victims of rape or incest, and authorises citizens to sue abortion providers or anyone involved in facilitating an abortion for a minimum of $10,000. The US Supreme Court refused to block the bill before its enactment on Wednesday (September 1).

A number of artists have since spoken out about the draconian legislation and voiced their support for the pro-choice movement, and some are even now pledging their support by donating proceeds from their shows to abortion charities.

Jack Antonoff, whose band Bleachers will be performing a number of shows in Texas next month, took to Twitter to pledge his support.

“my texas shows will benefit abortion funds from now until when these laws are changed – making plans with the @allycoalition now to find the best organizations in the areas,” Antonoff wrote.

He added in two separate tweets: “in addition and as always a dollar from every ticket on tour goes to the @allycoalition primarily to work with homeless LGBTQ youth. when situations like TX come up i’ll work with them to raise more money and direct that to where it’s needed for abortion rights as well.


“will also make sure these organizations table at all the TX shows alongside the LGBTQ groups already confirmed.”

Lucy Dacus, who will also be touring the state later this month, said: “all the money I make at our upcoming shows in Texas will be going towards abortion funds jsyk, if you’re not cool with that don’t come.”

She also added, speaking in a new interview with Rolling Stone: “Whenever I see something that makes me upset, I try to think, ‘What can I do about this?’”

Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill also announced yesterday (September 3) that the band would be “donating all our profits from Bandcamp Friday today to @FundTexasChoice⁠, an org that helps pregnant Texans who need abortions travel out of state to do so.”

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