Listen to Deerhoof’s new live album, ‘Devil Kids’
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Recorded from their December 2021 live-streamed concert

Credit: Shervin Lainez

Deerhoof have shared a new live album entitled ‘Devil Kids’ – you can listen to it below.

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The concert, which aired in December but was recorded in November, marks the first time that the band have performed together after “not playing or even seeing each other”.

“When my friends asked if playing with band again was like riding a bike, I had to say no. We changed over two years. We played looser and got along nicer,” said drummer Greg Saunier in a statement.


Devil Kids by Deerhoof
‘Devil Kids’ includes an 18-track setlist from the band’s extensive discography consisting of fan favourites and live debuts for newer tracks that were recorded during the pandemic.

A limited number of ‘Devil Kids’ vinyl was also made available but has now been sold out. The vinyl version includes a digital download and stream of bonus tracks and a video recording of the set, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the band’s reunion and rehearsals.

‘Devil Kids’ follows the release of Deerhoof’s latest album ‘Actually, You Can’ in October. The record was followed up by a standalone single, ‘I Wonder As I Wander’ on November 24.

In May 2020, Deerhoof released the album ‘Future Teenage Cave Artists’, which was praised in an NME review for having a “pure heart beating” throughout the tracks.

“Future civilisations may struggle to interpret the art that Deerhoof leave behind — contemporary critics have a hard enough time — but it should be noted that our world was nonetheless richer for it,” the review concluded.

The ‘Devil Kids’ setlist is:


1. ’Scarcity is Manufactured’

2. ‘Wrong Time Capsule’

3. ‘The Perfect Me’

4. ‘L’Amour Stories’

5. ‘Plant Thief’

6. ‘Black Pitch’

7. ‘My Purple Past’

8. ‘Giga Dance’

9. ‘Damaged Eyes Squinting into the Beautiful Overhot Sun’ 

10. ‘No One Asked To Dance’

11. ‘Debut’

12. ‘This Magnificent Bird Will Rise’

13. ‘Be Unbarred, O Ye Gates Of Hell’

14. We Do Parties

15. ‘Love-Lore 2’

16. ‘Mountain Moves’

17. ‘Polly Bee’

18. ‘Come See The Duck’

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