Noel Gallagher says female High Flying Bird band members have changed his songwriting
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“Every time I write a song now, I hear those girls in the background”

Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher. CREDIT: Getty

Noel Gallagher has praised his all-female backing singers in the High Flying Birds, saying that their vocals have changed his approach to songwriting.

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The rocker made the comments when answering a fan question in a video posted to YouTube, which you can see below.

“Over the last ten years, who has been your favourite person/artist to collaborate with, either a member of the High Flying Birds or another artist/producer?” was the question posed.


Gallagher then praised three members of his group, who are known collectively as Roxy, when replying. The trio already feature on songs ‘We’re On Our Way Now’ and ‘Flying On The Ground’, which appeared on compilation album ‘Back the Way We Came: Vol. 1 (2011–2021)’, and he’s said that he writes songs with their vocals specifically in mind.

“What I’m into at the minute, I’ve got these three girls who do backing vocals for me and they’re called called Roxy,” he said.

“The single that’s coming after this one which is called ‘Flying On The Ground’, when I was doing that…I thought the song was good, and I thought it would turn out good, but they come up with this backing vocal part and when they sang it on the track, it elevated it.”

“Every time I write a song now, I hear those girls in the background somewhere doing something amazing so at the moment, it’s them,” he added, saying they were his favourite artists to collaborate with now.


Last month, Gallagher launched a new online exhibition showcasing a selection of photographs documenting his life on tour with the High Flying Birds.

The collection, titled A New World Blazing, contains more than 40 images by photographer Sharon Latham, who captured Gallagher’s band “at their most dynamic and their most intimate” while out on the road.

Speaking of the first-ever exhibition to focus on High Flying Birds, Gallagher explained: “Down the years I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best photographers in the world and I would put Sharon right up there. At its best a photograph should speak.

“What are the pictures saying? They are saying: We – NGHFB – have the best job in the world. To work, play, travel and party with these people is an absolute pleasure. I’m so happy that Big Shaz was there to capture these moments.”

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