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  • Post published:30/06/2021
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Got a fire in my soul
I’ve lost my faith in this broken system
Got love for my home
But if we cry is there anyone listening?
We’re the forgotten generation
We want an open conversation
Follow me on this road
You know we gotta let go
For all of the times that they say it’s impossible
They built all the hurdles, the walls, and the obstacles
When we’re together, you know we’re unstoppable now
I’m not afraid to tear it down and build it up again
It’s not our fate, we could be the renegades (renegades)
I’m here for you, oh
Are you here for me too?
Let’s start again (again), we could be the renegades (renegades)
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
They’ve been holding us down
They’ve been telling us to change our voices
But we’re not part of that crowd
We made our bed and we’ll make,

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