The Fall
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The Fall were a post-punk band formed in 1976 by Mark E. Smith, Tony Friel, Una Baines and Martin Bramah although this line up was short lived the group with core member Mark E Smith and a revolving cast of 66 others made 32 studio albums, over 50 singles and around 100 live albums, bootlegs and boxed sets until the untimely death of Mark E Smith on 24th January 2018. Named after an Albert Camus novel they didn’t achieve mainstream recognition but as this was never intended it was unimportant as they had a huge hard-core cult following that kept the group touring constantly as Smith believed this to be the job of a rock ‘n’ roll group.Known for his often bizarre methods to keep the members focused and angry he also had a reputation for heavy drinking and drug use particularly amphetamines(my favourite). He was considered to be a genius as a lyricist by some and the songs often contain deep and obscure references that Fall fans delight in deciphering. The style of music is hard to classify as it has many influences but typically has a heavy repetitive bass line ,cleverly constructed guitar riffs with a strong drumbeat punctuating throughout and frequently used twin drummers, keyboards were anything from. barely perceptible to loud and driving and many times provided by his wife or girlfriend of the time.A vast range of artists in the music industry have quoted The Fall as an influence and many mourned his passing as the end of an era and impossible to replace.There is something for everyone in their enormous catalogue of work.

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